Religious Freedom in Cuba. Report (2022)

We present the most relevant findings of a new report by the Social Rights Observatory (Observatorio de Derechos Sociales, ODS-Cuba), this time in relation to Religious Freedom in Cuba. Thanks to the work of a team of collaborators residing in various provinces of the island, and with the assistance of international experts, it was possible to collect and analyze the perceptions of Cubans about the state and the exercise of their religious rights and freedoms.

In the last two decades there has been a certain improvement in the relations between the State and the hierarchy of some churches, which has been expressed in certain improvements in relation to administrative permits, access to some specific communication media, and presence in certain public spaces for the practice of specific religious acts and practices.

However, the study that we conducted in 11 provinces from all regions of the country shows that we are very far from considering that religious freedoms and rights are respected in Cuba, especially when we asked about the limitations or restrictions to religious acts, and to the very influence religious institutions should have on society.