The States of Social Right in Cuba. Report #2 (2020)


Here we share the second report on the Status of Social Rights in Cuba. Like the first report, this is the product of the labor of our observers and collaborators on the island, who have professionally collected data, information, and opinions from a representative number of Cubans.

For decades, many people have believed the version of a Cuban paradise promoted by the government. Nothing further from reality; and with the exacerbation that we are not facing problems that could be qualified as circumstantial, but rather are the result of the continual and multiple crises of a system that has failed from the political, economic, and social points of view.

With this second report, the Social Rights Observatory, as a service of the Cuban Human Rights Observatory (OCDH), moves forward in its effort to present to the national and international public opinion the status of social rights in Cuba over the course of time.